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That Was A Waste Of 98 Minutes

I just finished watching The Ramen Girl with Brittany Murphy. I figured it wouldn't be great, but I hoped that I might at least come away from it with something more than a little over an hour and a half of my life gone and a desire for tsukimi soba. Alas, this was not the case. Since I seemed to have downloaded the edited version and it looks like the running time listed on the movie for European markets is nearly a half hour longer, I wonder if those extra minutes would make it better or worse.

I can say, however, that The Young Victoria was a very pretty movie to watch. I have no idea about its accuracy, but it was beautifully made regardless.

I probably should have gotten more work done today, but I've been feeling under the weather all day. So I feel justified in taking a few hours out to watch movies.

Monday Jackie, Warren and I are headed on a quick jaunt somewhere outside of the city proper to meet with some of the higher-ups at the Chernobyl Children's Lifeline, which is the charity to which all the proceeds from the show I'm producing are going. We're going to discuss a relationship between them and the show and to see about having someone with personal experience of the disaster and the aftermath come and speak to the cast.

Next Friday and Saturday we are headed to the Isle of Wight to see about costume stuff. I'm hoping we'll also have a chance to take a look around from a tourist perspective. Well, not Warren so much since he's from there, but I'd like to at least. Perhaps I can grab a photo of Yarmouth Castle for my mom even though the famous ship wasn't named for this particular Yarmouth Castle (I don't think). Too bad we have work to do or I'd demand a trip to Blackgang Chine which is apparently the oldest amusement park in the UK and possibly the world, especially since they have Crossbones ("a pirate themed adventure playground") and a place called Rumpus Mansion (heehee, rumpus).
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