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She Lives

I have no excuse for not posting. I wish I did.

For now, here's one of the most interesting opening paragraphs of a novel (Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff) that I've read in a while. Maybe I'm a bit biased.

"It's a room an uninspired playwright might conjure while staring at a blank page: White walls. White ceiling. White floor. Not featureless, but close enough to raise suspicion that its few contents are all crucial to the upcoming drama."

In other news, I'm fighting off being sick, trying to work on this stupid essay, looking forward to sombraala's visit, going to the theatre tomorrow night and lord only knows what else. I should probably also be sleeping.

Oh, and I found something that is even more vile-tasting than liquid Ny-Quil. It's called Beechams All In One. It's fairly similar in use though it's supposed to be non-drowsy. Anyway, it starts off with a slight citrus (maybe orange) flavor and then blends with a strong hit of menthol. It's as if you are drinking Vicks Vapo-Rub thinned out with a bit of oj. Yeah, it's gross. Oh, and the taste lingers so everything you drink after that for quite a while only adds to the flavor profile of horrible.

PS- I am more than a little bit in love with Lee Pace in eyeliner. I watched The Fall the other day and was quite impressed overall. Then again, maybe I was dazzled by Lee Pace, his close-cropped hair and his bare arms. Le sigh.
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