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A Good Reason To Post Again

If you've been reading my journal for over a year then you know that I always post on February 14th, but not about Valentine's Day (or at least not directly). Today is the anniversary of my grandma's death and it's always hard. You'd think that after eight years that it would be easier. And to be honest, it is easier by a bit, but it still hurts and I still miss her.

This year I'm in Seattle with my brother since he had knee surgery on Friday. I'm here helping out while he recovers. I'd like to think that taking care of family is a good way both to celebrate Valentine's Day and to remember my grandma as she always took care of the family.

Two years ago I decided that I was going to start trying to enjoy Valentine's Day as a day of love, appreciation and friendship. I've been working on becoming a being of unconditional love and will continue to do so. I'm trying to take time to tell the people I care about that I love them just as they are, because it's possible that I might not be here tomorrow to say it. You just never know.

Eight years ago today the world lost Estelle Yankiver, a woman of substance, wit, love, intelligence, humor and fire. She is dearly loved and sorely missed by many, including me.

And as she used to say to me, I say to you: love ya!
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