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Sometimes The Universe Likes Me

So I'm now planning a US Tour in September. I'm thinking I should get tshirts made. I'm looking at hitting up KC, Philly, Seattle, Chicago and Dubuque. There are certain already scheduled dates and places, but I'm still figuring out some of the more flexible times. However, it manages to work itself out that I will hopefully get to see some fantastic shows and see a bunch of wonderful people.

Scheduled Dates
12th - Lawrence, KS - Murder By Death @ Bottleneck
19th - Philadelphia, PA - Kurt Halsey Art Opening @ Art Star
20th - Philadelphia, PA - The Weakerthans @ World Cafe
21st - Seattle, WA - Pearl Jam @ Key Arena
22nd - Seattle, WA - Pearl Jam @ Key Arena
26th - Dubuque, IA - Wedding

If only I could get Against Me and Jonah in the listings...
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